The following videos & articles aim to provide 3 good exercises for each condition. Always start gently and progress slowly according to your symptoms. Click on the picture to access the resource.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Exercises (Median nerve gliding)

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Exercises (Ulnar nerve gliding)

Golfers Elbow Exercises

Hand and Finger Exercises for Arthritis

Low Back Pain Exercise Programme

Meralgia Paraesthetica Exercises

Over 60's Daily Exercises Routine

Plantar Fasciitis Stretches & Exercises

PTTD Exercises (Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction)

Tennis Elbow Exercises

Wrist Fracture Exercises


Exercise is not always without risk, even for healthy individuals. Certain types of exercise and riskier than other and all exercise may be risky for some individuals. You are responsible for your own health and safety at all times. As such, by visiting and using the information on this website/media channel you are acknowledging that you have been assessed by a qualified health care professional who has given you consent to take part in physical activity.